Guides On Buying Offset Smoker

Offset smoker is one of the machine that you could depend if you want to start your business. Well, any barrel smoker, electrical smoker is considerably realty good, but it is only good for personal usage. I mean if you want to be a guru or starting your business you need something bigger and means for professional usage. There is no way you would able to do it on your electrical smoker and you have to find the best smoker for this case. That is why recommend to use an offset smoker for this case.

This kind of smoker was first introduced by some people in the late of 80 in the Texas. At that time this kind of smoker is pretty famous because of its great functionality. The price for this machine is getting cheaper and cheaper for every year. So, you do not have any reason to miss it. Basically, almost all of offset smoker are made from the similar material and construction. There are lots of great them outside there, but you still need to consider some factors for this case. I have prepared some buying guide for choosing this machine in order to make people able to know it closer and find their own smoker. So, let’s see the guides.


This the first case that you have to know. Budget would making so much different on what kind of smoker that you would get, the material, feature and everything about it. The minimum price for an offset smoker should be for around 200 dollars and the maximum one should be for around 5000 dollars. I do not really suggest you to buy one if its more than 5000 dollars. For me it is too useless because you are not going to find any difference between of it. It is going to be so different if you buy the custom one, the price could go more than 5000 dollars since you are the one who decide for the entire materials and features on it. You could go with this case if you really want a custom one which is suit to your needs.

Never ever afford something that you cannot afford. Choosing the cheap one does not mean you are going to get lower quality. Sometimes there are so many companies put their product with higher price, but they are using the same material and feature that you could find on the similar product with cheap price. The main reason for this case is because of the brand name. They have to put so much of their money on the marketing and that is why the price is bit higher.

Craftsmanship Or Build Quality

There are some things that you have to consider for this case. No matter if you are going to get the cheap one or the premium one, you should check these things. First, check the welds look really great or not, then you also need to check if the handle is strong enough or not. I guess you do not want to easily break it since you are going to use it for years. Then, the last thing that you have to check is the lid. Make sure the firebox seal and the cooking chamber is working well. There is no way to check of this thing until you use it. That is why seeing of your friends using it or checks the internet for review is always recommended. But as long as everything looks okay, then I guess it would work really great. You could notice if the product is good or not from its condition.


If you are going to use it means for business then choosing one with great spaces have to put on your main consideration. Meats are divided into many types and cuts and you have to make sure that you could put everything on it. If you are able to fit everything on it, I guess it would broad of your knowledge on using it. Means you are going to get better inspiration and entertainment from it.

Extra Feature

There is no better thing than getting extra feature on everything we have bought since we already spend much money on it. For this case, some features such as removable drawer, lid, trailer and some other things have to be considered. It would back to your need on decided which one should I get for this case. Do not choose any feature that you do not want. Full your smoker with great feature does not warranty that it would great for you. Sometimes it just takes the place without some reasons.

Choosing one of them would be not that easy. But, I am sure you are going to find one as long as you know more about it. Well, be aware on choosing and happy shopping.

My First Thought After Using Spotify

It has been three months after i decided to try one of the music streaming services. I usually buy some musics that i like from Itune, but lately i have been stuck with my pocket and see a music streaming services seems very interesting to see. They give us a free music choices with many kinds of genre and singer with only few dollars a month. I tried it for three months and I am going to share of my thought. Its been tough on choosing one of them since there are lot of them with offering so many good choices. first I thought Tidal was very good since many people said that the song quality is top notch, but later I found that they don’t offer us some good lyrics and there is no free version of it. At last, I am giving my thought to try Spotify because all of my friends recommended it. The monthly online service is around 9 dollars and its cheap enough for me.  I download the app and making subscription at day same day and I am so surprise with their library. They offer us a variety and deep music library with many singers around the world.  There is also a computer app which let you to play the music with seeing its lyric. You even are able to select any album to listen even though they have not released to the market.

There are 2 versions that you can try here. The first one is a free version which gives us limited chance to hear some music, but their premium version is far better with all of features for only around 9 dollars a month.  This is the main reason why many people start to look for digital music rather than buying a physical version. The physical version is very good to be collected, but once you far away from your home. The only thing which is dependable is only your smartphone.

I am pretty happy on using this online service even though they are having some problems there and there. For example, sometimes we are not going able to find some high profile artist and it’s pretty tough to not listen their new song when its released, but I could stand with it.  The second one that I really want to see is the online radio feature which is nowhere to find. Hope they would update it later.

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Music For Relaxation

We probably feel really stress after working so many hours in our daily life. You are not the one, but almost entire of people ever get stressed because of their work. In Japan itself, I heard that there are so many young people die because of too much stress on their work. in that country the level of stress is pretty high since they need to work nonstop every day and that put so much stress to their worker. Because of that doing any relaxation in our free time is actually pretty good since it would help us to get relax and getting more optimistic in doing anything. First, I don’t really believe it and then I decided to try it. The result is great, I could feel something different on me and I also feel more joyful and having more energy in the inside. I actually love Yoga, but I have not much time to do it and the only thing that I can do is listening music. The result is not too different and even better than Yoga.  You should try if you feel stress.

In listening music, there are kinds of songs. The first one is an upbeat song that is much working in getting some optimistic and the second one is a slow song that help you on getting pretty much relaxation. It backs to you on deciding which one I should listen because some of them are having different functionality.  You could start experimenting on what kind of song that you like and then try it. I prefer to hear some countries songs or anything from flute because the sounds are calming even in the loudest volume. That is the first thing that you must do and then you probably don’t need to worry of anything, just listen the music and you would feel okay.

On relaxing our self we don’t have to waste our money on traveling or doing some expensive stuff, even doing something that we always do every day such as listening music is also help us on relaxing.  There are so many reasons why it is recommended, at first its pretty much cheap and almost free. The second, we don’t need anything besides than music itself and we are ready to go. The third, we could do it anywhere we want and we also can choose the right place that we want. Hope you enjoy this article.